At Mulberry Dragonfly we believe that every employee is potential talent and that with the right support and conditions everyone can add value to the organisation they work for.

In our experience the reason why people don’t add value is because they have lost sight of their purpose, motivation, sense of achievement, value, self-worth and happiness or satisfaction with life.

For business this can result in a number of problems such as:

  • A loss of discretionary effort because people have neither the energy or inclination to do it.
  • Stifled innovation – missed opportunities because your people are not in the right space or given the encouragement or freedom to be curious and creative
  • Linear problem solving – always working within fixed parameters and thinking when neither the world nor people are linear. All this does is creates barriers to possibility and excellence.

There are a multitude of reasons for finding yourself in this place including:

  • Losing your ‘Why’ – you wake up one day and realise you have moved from purpose to routine and going through the motions.
  • Being busy – heads down and keep working, not pausing for breath or reflection/assessment
  • Operating in survival mode – life throws us curve balls which can cause stress and in those situations our brain narrows to focus on survival Without intervention our brains are operating on reduced functionality because all our energy is on simply surviving

At Mulberry Dragonfly we have the tools to unstick patterns of unhelpful thinking and practices for individuals and teams so they can add value and contribute meaningfully. We can and will help you get the most from your people.


Charlotte and unsticking thinking

Charlotte has 20 years of experience of working in the L&OD arena and identifies that every career highlight has been preceded by a moment of being ‘unstuck’. She anticipates that it’s likely every future career highlight will follow a similar path – although the unsticking activity is always different.

Charlotte is motivated by enabling people to thrive at work, not just because it makes them happy – but the result is healthy high performance which is critical to business success.  

Charlotte’s career has spanned a wide range of sectors giving her a wealth of experiences, ideas and perspective which she mixes with learning from research and formal qualifications to create fresh and innovative solutions for each and every client – because no two are the same.