It always seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

Nelson Mandela 2

I should start this by saying when facing change, as humans we are quite brilliant. We make decisions, take actions and step up in ways we never thought were possible, even if it means stepping away from that change and doing something completely different. The moments when I have achieved and developed the most (and been equally terrified and excited at the same time) have been during significant change when I have had to jump in and do something I never imagined possible.

Today as we all reflect on the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela we are reminded of so many of his iconic quotes. Because of how I believe people grow through change a few piqued my interest, with 1 in particular standing out, ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’. Reviewing the changes in South Africa as a result of the work and sacrifice of Nelson Mandela I am sure the whole nation once believed the increased peace and equality were never possible.

I then started to think about more significant events over the past few weeks and I think of the devastation brought about by Typhoon Haiyan. As horrifying as the destruction looked to the world watching from a distance, in the throws of the storm the people living there especially in Samar and Leyte must have thought survival was impossible. Even after the storm I wondered how could they possibly start to re-build their lives and I am sure that is a thought that went through their minds?

In both situations there are acts and resources that help the impossible to become possible like media raising awareness and support, but in reality without the grit and determination to survive of every individual the impossible would not become possible.

You may say Nelson Mandela had a lot of say in his journey and challenges, but with so many knocks he had to have something inside that kept him forging forward. The people in the Philippines had no control over nature’s actions, but somewhere inside the found the strength to work alone and with others to survive because that goal was so important to them.

The change in our lives may be nowhere as big as the change I have mentioned above, but facing something huge and difficult to us so many do things they never thing possible – from changing career completely to accomplishing tasks they have never done before. It my greatest moments of panic, when I think ‘I can’t do this’, I hope I remember what I have written above – because I don’t know how I will get past it, but by clarifying and backing my goal I will dig deep and pull something special out. I hope you know too that somehow there is a magic in you too that will get you through it, whatever the journey or designation you will surprise yourself in what you can achieve…. Because we humans are simply quite amazing!